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A member of the American and National Watercolor Societies, Thomas McNickle’s exceptional technical ability has been evident since he first began painting in his teens. An intrinsic feature of his painting, however, is the Zen philosophy of rapid execution. Approaching each painting in a meditative state, McNickle relies on complete and relaxed concentration for the layering of direct, spontaneous strokes of color. The power and individuality of these brushstrokes transforms archetypal motifs of land and sky into unique and personal images.

Thomas McNickle’s work has been exhibited in over thirty museum and gallery exhibitions and can be found in numerous collections including the Butler Institute of American Art, the Hoyt Institute of Fine Art, Vero Beach Center for the Arts and Kansas State University.

Thomas McNickle has successfully completed many large-scale corporate and private commissions. Please contact the gallery for further information and to obtain images.

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Thomas McNickle
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