The Windsor Castle Secretaire


An important burr elm secretaire specially commissioned by King George IV for his private apartments at Windsor Castle, circa 1828. The noted firm of Morel and Seddon crafted this extraordinary desk for the King to his exact specifications, embellishing it with the most luxurious elements, such as highly polished burr elm veneers, fine bronze pulls and giltwood accents throughout. Around the latter part of the 1820s, the King sought to remodel his private residence in Windsor Castle into the quintessential symbol of the British Monarchy. Under his direction, every element of the King’s commission for his apartments was a deliberate consideration, not the least this incredible secretaire. The original leather, still bearing ink stains presumably made by the King’s own hand, remains intact, as do the original pulls and casters. Royal furniture such as this, especially a work that is absolutely unique, is extremely rare. The fact that it was specially commissioned by the King for his own personal residence further enhances its appeal. In terms of royal provenance, rarity, beauty and condition, it is simply unrivaled.

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