The de Forest Family Tiffany & Co. Antique Sterling Silver Aesthetic Movement Spot Hammered Bowl


Tiffany & Co made exceptional aesthetic movement silver in very creative designs as seen in this medium sized bowl. Large, irregular hammer marks create a honeycomb effect which is then given a soft, matte finish. This makes the exterior sparkle, contrasting beautifully with the equally stunning gilded interior. An applied bulbous ring foot is executed in the same fashion with smaller hammer marks.
Even the inscription underneath is executed as artwork. Underneath the bowl is the following engraved presentation: ‘A V de F/ from H W de F/ April 7th 1889’.
Alfred Victor de Forest was born on April 7th, 1888. He was the youngest son of Meta Kemble and Lockwood de Forest who later became a research engineer and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Henry Wheeler de Forest was his uncle and the younger brother of Lockwood. This would have been a 1-year birthday present.
Lockwood de Forest was an American artist and decorator. He studied under Frederick Church and was admitted to the National Academy. Soon after, he became an early business partner of Louis Comfort Tiffany and Candace Wheeler in the important aesthetic movement decorating firm of Associated Artists.
This exquisite bowl is marked underneath.

Provenance: by descent in the family.

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