Sterling Unger Brothers Pin/Brooch of a Woman’s Head with Flowing Hair and Wheat



This sterling silver Unger Brothers Company pin/brooch depicts a woman head with wheat and flower “diadem” and flowing hair. The flowing hair swirls around her head forming what some refer to as a “question mark.” This appears to be inspired by the a Charles Gibson drawing that is called the “Question Mark Girl.” The model for this Gibson Girl is thought to be Evelyn Nesbit, a woman as well known in her time as Marilyn Monroe is today.

This Unger Brothers design is bold and makes a real statement. The pin is approximately two and three-quarter inches by two inches. Being of this size, this is ofter called a belt brooch. We do happen to two of this pin in stock and they may be purchased separately or as a pair.

This pin/brooch marked with the Unger Brothers Company logo, a “U” on top of a “B” with the words “Sterling 925 Fine” encircling this logo.

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