Sterling Silver Wine Bottle Coaster That Will Hold a Double Magnum


This is a wonderful, large sterling wine bottle coaster that will hold large format wine bottles. It is made by Middletown Silver Company of Middleetown, CT. The company started in 1899 and is believed to have been out of business by 1939 and bought by Wallace Silversmiths. This coaster is approximately six inches in diameter and two and one quarter inches tall. It has an engraved decoration on it of a basket of fruit inside a wreath flanked on both sides by what appears to be a harp and acanthus leaves inside of a rectangle. This same engraving is repeated on the “other side” of the coaster. This coaster has a wooden bottom in it and that wooden bottom is covered on the bottom with blue felt. When I acquired this coaster, this wooden bottom was rather unsavory, so I had it cleaned and new felt added. Originally, this wooden bottom was “glued” in place and I am sure that residue from repeated polishings of the silver added to its unsavory condition. I choose not to have to bottom glued back into place, but left so that it is removable for easier polishing. You certainly may glue it in place if you prefer. The coaster is marked with the Middletown Silver Company’s logo, the word “STERLING” and the number “125”. Wine coasters of this size are hard to find, but it will easily hold a regular wine bottle as well and not look too over sized.

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