Sterling Silver SILLY PUTTY EGG by Neiman-Marcus



What a wonderful novelty, an actual sterling silver SILLY PUTTY egg. It was sold as an anniversary promotion for the fortieth anniversary of SILLY PUTTY and is inscribed “1950 – 1990” directly under the registered SILLY PUTTY logo. It is also inscribed “Neiman-Marcus” for the store that sold these “eggs.” I believe that this was a Christmas catalog item for Neiman-Marcus and that the original selling price was $75.
The egg is a full scale SILLY PUTTY egg measuring approximately two and one half inches long and about one and a half inches wide. The egg also bears the marks, “PBD SS” and the word “STERLING” inside the egg.
When new, this egg did come supplied with a ball of SILLY PUTTY inside, but today that SILLY PUTTY is long gone and is being sold empty, waiting for you to fill it up.
Both “sides” of the egg is shown in the photographs, both with the words “SILLY PUTTY” in raised letter along with the “R,” in a circle, registration mark. The third photograph shows the egg open.

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