Sterling Gorham 3 Handle Loving Cup/Wine Cooler/Ice Bucket



This large impressive three handled loving cup was made by the Gorham Manufacturing Company in 1899. The three handles are figural branches that where they meet the cup, sprigs of foliage are “growing.” The foliage is oak leaves and acorns. The branch handle continues down to form the legs and feet of this cup as well. As can be seen in the photographs, this loving cup easily holds a sparkling wine bottle and will even hold a sparkling magnum bottle. It would work as an ice bucket as well or simply as a centerpiece for fruit or flowers.

The cup stands approximately eight inches tall and is about nine and one half inches across the top including the handles. The cup has no engravings on it and is in extremely good condition. The marking on the bottom of the are Gorham lion, anchor and “G” logo, the word “STERLING” and “A1111”. Below these stamped marks it is engraved “4 P’is”. Also stamped into the bottom is the Gorham date mark for 1899. This loving cup is not engraved and has no monogram.

The black ‘spots’ in the photographs on the side cup are the reflection of the camera.

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