Rolph Scarlett


Scarlett was known to have begun painting drip paintings–Scarlett called them “lyrical” paintings– in the late 1940s. His style was denser and more opaque than the one used by Pollock, with whom he painted at the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (now the Guggenheim) in the 1940s. The earliest known exhibition including his drips was the Whitney Annual of 1951. In fact, the curator for the Whitney selected his drip works instead of his better known geometric abstractions. These works had been done by puncturing holes in the bottom of paint cans and letting them “drip” onto the paper.

Provenance: Estate of Sam Esses (Estate #RS672)

The Gallery will mount a retrospective of Scarlett’s work Spring 2013.

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Rolph Scarlett
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c. 1948-1952

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