Robert Gwathmey


An eighth generation Virginian, Gwathmey was a Social Realist painter recognized for his depictions of rural life in the South and especially for his iconic realist portraits of African-American farm workers. While his work was largely fueled by his observation of the social injustices of American life, Gwathmey’s artistic view was shaped by his study of the European modernists. Gwathmey’s signature style employs abstraction in the service of social realism. This style utilizes geometric shapes with bold black outlines and flat application of color.

Gwathmey taught at Cooper Union for 26 years. He ultimately settled in Amagansett on Long Island. He was the recipient of a Rosenwald Fellowship and a member of the National Academy. He exhibited frequently throughout his life and has had several posthumous retrospectives including at the Butler, the Telfair Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the Virginia Historical Society.

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Robert Gwathmey
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c. 1940

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