Pair of Sterling Bear Candelabra



Each candelabrum is superbly modeled, hand made in heavy cast silver and then the surface is finely chased to the highest standard by master craftsmen. Each bear is made of solid sterling silver and weighs nearly 120ozs. That is a lot of silver. You will soon realize that when you pick one up. Each bear strikes a slightly different pose and carries a 5 light candelabrum. Each candelabrum will take 5 full length candles and throw off an amazing, soft and ambient light. No other dining table has anything like it.

These are not just massive silver candelabra – they are beautiful, unique sculptures and serious works of contemporary art in their own right

Note: Can be ordered individually or as a pair. Other models and sizes available to order including baby bears which are 2/3 of the size and hold a single candlestick.

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