Pair of Dutch Silver Tulip Vases


Pair of matching antique silver Dutch vases. They are approximately nine and a half inches tall. The vases are expertly made, showing the talents of the silversmith. The vases have repousse work, engraving, chasing, wire work and cut card work, almost every skill available to an expert silversmith. The matching vases each have a battle scene engraved into them. One vase shows a land battle and the other vase has a sea battle engraved into it. These engravings are probably depicting a battle from the Hundred Years War. These were probably intended to hold one of Holland’s most prized flowers, the tulip. Early Holland used tulip bulbs as a form of currency. So it is not surprising to see such wonderfully made silver vases to hold the tulip blossoms.
There is a crest engraved on the vases with a five pointed crown, which I believe indicates that the owner was a baron.

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late 18th C

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