Old European 4.16 Carat Diamond and Platinum Ring



Old European cut 4.16 carat diamond set in a platinum hand made mounting.

This is a great diamond ring that we like very much.The diamond looks big, white and sparkles. It weighs 4.16 carats and the cut of the stone is shallow or in trade terminology spread. Meaning that the diamond has more on top than bottom and looks more like a 5 carat than a 4 carat. The ring itself is very simply designed with a minimum of platinum to showcase the grandeur of the diamond. We grade the stone as a J,K color, but because of the cut of the stone what you see when you are wearing the ring is a white stone. The stone has imperfections and the price reflects those imperfections. The imperfections are there and because of it the stone is less expensive. The important factor to consider is that you can’t see the imperfections when you are wearing the ring and the imperfections are so disbursed through the stone that they don’t harm the scintillation of the diamond. When you are wearing the ring the look is quite substantial and the ring looks to the naked eye to be worth well over $50,000. This is why we like it so much and if your friends don’t travel with loupes no one will ever know what a great savings you’ve made.

Ring size 6 and can be re-sized.

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