Mobilier national 1964 – 2000. 40 ans de creation.



15090. Mobilier national 1964 – 2000. 40 ans de creation. 2004. 192p., over 161 col. photos, 11 x 9 1/2 in., French, paperback. very good. $60.00 Furniture, France


40 years by about fifty creators within the Workshop of Research and Creation of the State-owned furniture. Since the beginning of its history until its most recent developments, the ARC is the laboratory where an intense activity of research and creation is exerted on the forms, materials and the techniques. Twenty years after the exposure State-owned furniture assessment: 20 years of creation presented in 1984 at the Center George Pompidou, this exposure will be in particular the occasion to measure, starting from parts of historical value, the contribution of the workshop to the revival wanted by presidents Pompidou or Mitterrand in the decorations of the Elysium, in connection with creators such as Pierre Paulin, Olivier Mourgue, César, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Etienne Hajdu, Andrée Putman, Garouste and Bonetti, Christophe Pillet, Martin Szekely, Ettore Sottsass

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