Mario Buccellati Ruby Ring



Signed M. Buccellati. In 18k gold.

The best of the Buccellati brand is instantly recognizable. It is a family business and the pieces that are signed by Mario Buccellati are the best the firm produces. First is the idea and design, and Mario’s vision is exemplary. Then the actual manifestation of the image is flawlessly produced by the refined Buccellati workshop. The workmanship in gold is among the finest produced in Italy. The Ruby is picked out with a master’s eye. The diamonds are carefully matched and set. Time is never an issue. Whatever the project requires is given. We have never heard the theory before but it seems to us that Versace took inspiration from the work of Buccellati. All we really know is that they are both very wearable and beautiful

Ring size 6.

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