Leon Wall


Wall studied at the National Academy of Design for 3 years in the early 30s and then went on to win a 3-year Tiffany Fellowship. He won 1st prize in the 1939 Tiffany Exhibition of Fine Art. Like many AbEx painters of his era, Wall first painted in a WPA, or Social Realist Style, but this changed in the mid-1950s and he gained early prominence as an Abstract Expressionist painter. He exhibited regularly at the Betty Parsons Gallery, known for its early promotion of Abstract Expressionism, and garnered strong critical acclaim.

Bennett Schiff (prominent Arts writer for the NY Post) reviewed his first one man show: “Wall is controlled by a sense of entirely balanced taste. He is free. His work moves rhythmically; it takes precipitous directions; plunges, pitches, and flows, but it stops at the right time and the effect is maintained. His color, which is thinly applied and imaginative in both tonality and combination, is entirely seductive and pleasurable…”

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Leon Wall
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c. 1955

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