Joseph Goodhue Chandler (1813-1884) Active/lived in Massachusetts, New York


Full Length Portrait of Two Children, The Boy Holding a Cane, The Girl in a Red Dress Holding a Basket of Flowers.
Attributed to Joseph Goodhue Chandler.
Unsigned, ca. 1840.
Oil on canvas.
42″ x 30″, 49″ x 37 1/4″ framed.
Condition: Very minor in-painting.
Joseph Chandler was born on a small farm in South Hadley, Massachusetts in 1813. He studied painting in Albany, New York between 1827-1832 and became an itinerant painter. Most of his known paintings date from 1837-1852 as he travelled the Connecticut River Valley, particularly in northwestern Massachusetts. Recognized primarily for his portraits, Joseph Chandler also painted still life and landscape.
This example is perhaps among one of the best known works by Chandler. The painting has all the attributes that are desirable among folk art collectors. Chandler was skilled at capturing the mood, spirit and sometimes awkwardness of his sitters.

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ca. 1840

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