Jean Puiforcat, Mexico


An unique set of 4 sterling silver stirrup cups, made by Jean Puiforcat during his Mexico period, from 1941-45, that were also in Andy Warhol’s collection.
Each is hand wrought in a conical form with a visible seam running down the side. Fully hallmarked as pictured.
Jean Puiforcat was born into a well established Parisian silversmithing firm and soon became a leading designer in this field between the two World Wars, setting up his own studio in 1922. His interest in mathematics greatly inspired the geometric forms of his creations.
In 1941 with the rise of Fascism in France he moved to Taxco, Mexico where he opened a workshop in 1942. He returned to France in 1945 at the end of the war and died soon after.
Production during this period was limited and, hence, very rare.
His Mexican mark is his initials enclosing the Greek letter Omega.
On the inside is a sticker from a Sotheby’s sale of Andy Warhol’s Collection. No idea of the precise date but I believe it was soon after his death in 1987.

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Jean Puiforcat
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