Historiae Sacrae a Mundi Exordio Adsua Asque Tempora Dedctae Libiduo. Sulpicius Severus.


Historiae Sacrae a mundi exordio adsua usque tempora deductae libri duo. accedunt eiusdem auctoris reliqua, quo quot extant, opera omnia hac postrema editione recognita, & a mendis repurgata.(The withdrawal of the times of the two books, I am here as far as the beginning of the Sacred History of the world. added the same author, which are many, all works by this last edition, revised, and polished up the errors.)3″ x 4.25″. Two volumes in one, I: 461pp. II: 197pp. Index XX. Leather (calf?) bound w/ blind stamping on both boards and spine, raised ribs, a.e. crimson colored. Original clasps missing.

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