Gustave Buchet


Pioneering Swiss abstract painter Buchet moved to Paris in 1916 where he studied at the modernist workshop La Grande Chaumiere. He returned to Paris in 1920 and was strongly influenced by Zadkine and Archipenko. In 1925 he became strongly influenced by Purism. Purism was a form of Cubisim advocated by the French painter Amedee Ozenfant and the architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier). Purism rejected the decorative trends then evident in Cubism and advocated a return to clear, ordered forms that were expressive of the modern machine age.
Buchet participated in the landmark exhibition Art of Today in Paris in 1925 where his art made the cover of catalogue.

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Gustave Buchet
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c. 1925

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