Greek Revival 3-piece garniture,


A spectacular 3-piece “800” silver table garniture in the Greek Revival manner, Augsburg, Germany c.1890.
The suite consists of :
1. a soup tureen, boat shaped with a naturalistic timber finish, bearing vignettes of Greek life. The handles are in the form of Greek goddesses holding wreaths. The finial is in the form of a swan. All supported on four claw feet.
2. A pair of vases, similarly decorated with the addition of satyr’s heads supporting the goddess handles.
The artistry and detail is is truly impressive. I wish I could interpret the scenes but my knowledge of Greek mythology is pathetic.
I have not been successful in finding the maker’s name, initials RC, as my reference books on German silver fizzle out about 1830. By extrapolating the dating system, though, I can estimate the date of manufacture to 1890 in Augsburg.
In very good condition. Just a few very minor dings. No repairs or inscription.
Dimensions: Tureen 17.25” long x 12.5” high. Weight 73 troy oz.
Vases: 16” high x 6.5” across handles. Weight (for both) 92 Troy oz

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