“FILE ON SPRATLING” the William Spratling autobiography


“File on Spratling: an autobiography” was published in 1967 shortly after the death of William Spratling on August 7 from an automobile accident in Mexico. This book was printed in the USA and contains 235 pages printed in black and white and is illustrated with some of Spratling’s original drawing. The dust jacket is intact, but does show wear and a tear.

Spratling always believed himself to be a great author as these pages will attest. He did not think that he would be remembered as a silversmith, but as an author. Spratling also discusses many of his other business ventures such as his drawings, furniture making and his being Diego Rivera’s representative that negociated the painting of Rivera’s murals at Rockefeller Center.

Spratling tells in detail about his friendships and business dealings. He tells you early in his story about having the only or one of the only swimming pools in the hill town of Taxco and that the house policy was scans bathing suits. Later it is fun to learn who some of his famous, who’s who, guests were that came over to swim. (Think about Richard and Pat skinny dipping.)

Much of the history of his silver business is in this book and the history of the revival of the Mexican silver industry. It is a must have/read for every Spratling collector.

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