Edwardian 18K Gold Basse-Taille Guilloche Enamel Day & Night Cufflinks


A wonderful pair of Edwardian 14K yellow gold enameled cufflinks, one face decorated with the image of an eagle and the other with an owl. This eagle and owl were often used in Victorian jewelry to depict day and night, a concept popularized with the rise of Japanese motifs in the 1870s. The faces are worked in the “basse-taille” enamel with detailed engraving of the gold base covered with a layer of enamel in a single grayish-green color. The varying depth of the carving creates complex shading in this single hue. The baton backs are worked in guilloche enamel in the same color. The quality of workmanship is superb. The cufflinks are signed “HC” with an eagle, but we do not know the maker. Tested and guaranteed 18K.

Origin: Europe, ca. 1905. Condition: excellent; very light wear to enamel surface visible at 10x magnification; no cracks or chips. Dimensions: faces, 3/4” x 1/2″. Weight: 10.2 gr.

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