Early British Victorian Bicyclist Oil c.1885


An amazing early oil painting of a man and his Penny Farthing Bicycle. This British painting done around 1885 shows a man wearing the outfit of a biking club and posing next to his wonderful bike. It’s a rare and very desirable sporting subject. The workmanship of the painting is absolutely charming and very detailed down to the biking medal on his jacket. The piece is 14 1/2″ x 19″. It is on canvas and mounted on board. It’s in good condition for it’s age, there is a small tear on the very bottom edge about 1/2″ long which when tacked down to the board will be virtually undetectable. It is unframed and awaiting the framing taste of it’s next owner. It’s interesting to note that the spokes on the wheel are not as close together as they were a few years later making this a depiction of one of the earliest models of this challenging bike. A great opportunity to own a sporting picture that’s most difficult to come by.

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