Carved 72 Inch Eagle by The Artistic Carving Co.


Carved and painted eagle plaque, made by Boston Artistic Carving Company, circa 1950. The eagle’s wings are spread to the sides and the head is turned to the right. The eagle’s head is well articulated featuring a strong brow with recessed eyes and rounded beak. The eagle is holding a banner in his beak that curves to the left and to the right. The banner bears the expression painted in white letters: “LIVE AND LET LIVE”. The eagle has well articulated talons which are holding a red, white and blue painted American banner which curves and terminates in a scroll. There are thirteen red and white stripes. The red stripes are raised. There are seven (7) carved and incised five pointed stars in the top of the shield which is painted white. The eagle’s body has a natural wood surface with scattered areas showing the original white paint. The area below the wings and body are painted blue. (FA-803) Condition: The eagle was hung outdoors along the Connecticut coast for several years and has a weathered and untouched surface. There is some some minor age cracking and shrinkage where the wood has been laminated. There are two mounting holes in the wings. Dimensions: Length 72 inches; Height 25 inches; Depth 8 inches.

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