Camille Faure. Impossible objects.


16099. Camille Faure. Impossible objects. Marcheschi, Cork. 2007. 172 p., profusely illus. w/ mostly col. photos & drawings, 11 1/4 x 9 1/4 in., pictorial hardback. very good. $40.00 Metalwork, Enamel, France, Camile Faure, Art Deco 0615132294

A new, authoritative monograph on a never before covered subject: Atelier Faure is the last Art Deco studio of note to receive the attention it deserves.This new book by Cork Marcheschi is notable for a number of reasons: The author s refreshing style of writing which reveals his own passion for the subject. A narrative and personal style which will involve the reader in the fascinating story of a studio which has been parked on the sidelines for too long. Beautiful, in depth photographic coverage of the stars of the piece: the bold and fearless enamel vases which were the most important output of the studio. Facts and figures which are of great value to the history of 20th century art and to the collector. Details of enameling techniques which have been buried along with the masters who developed and practiced them.

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Marcheschi, Cork
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