Buccellati, Milan, Italy.


An outstanding sterling ladies boot with chased floral decoration, by Gianmaria Bucellati, Milan c.1971+
Mario Bucellati started the business in 1919 which rapidly spread from Milan to Rome and Florence.
In 1956 he invaded the USA with shops in New York and Palm Beach.
After he died in 1965, four of his sons continued to run the business. Gianmaria launched a separate business in his name in 1971.
It is a wonderful piece of silver with great detail.
Such features as the elastic sides and creases in the leather are realistically re-created.
It is in very good condition with all detail still in sharp focus.
It is fully marked under the heal: Gianmaria Bucellati, Italy, 925 in an oval punch, and a star, 245 MI in an oval punch.
Dimensions: 4.75” tall, 4.5” long.
Weight: 9.7 Troy oz.

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