Book of Hours Leaf


IM-9682: (165×118 mm) Original leaf from a manuscript Book of Hours. 15 lines of red-ruled Latin text on animal vellum; line endings in red & blue, with liquid gold infill. One illuminated three-line initial in red and liquid gold on a deep blue ground with a floral design in liquid gold; One two-line and eight one-line illuminated initials in liquid gold on red or blue ground with floral design in liquid gold.

The Elaborate panel border contains acanthus & diverse floral motifs (containing grapes – symbol of the Blood of Christ) with a whimsical drollery (bottom) and bird (right) in colors & burnished & liquid gold – both fixated on the crucifixion.

The leaf contains an exceptional miniature painting in the style of the Master of Geneva Latini. France, (Rouen): c. 1470.

The painting depicts The Crucifixion. Christ is shown on a tall cross with ‘INRI’ at top. Beneath the cross, Mary stands with hands clasped in prayer while St. John the Evangelist, holding a book, gazes up at Christ. The large floral decorated “D” opens the Hours of the Cross – Hour of None. The two-line “D” (verso) begins the hymn: “Patris sapientia…” (The wisdom of the Father, and truth divine beside, God and man surprised was even at the morning tide: His known disciples left Him for to follow more: Sold and betrayed to the Jews they did afflict Him sore).

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c. 1470

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