Arthur Pinajian


Pinajian’s [1914-1999] work, which had been relegated to the town dump and was discovered in a Bellport, Long Island garage and saved, has garnered extraordinary media and critical attention and is being called “the unlikely discovery that has rocked the art world.” The New York Times featured a story on this extraordinary discovery . Critics have placed his work on par with mid-century greats De Kooning, Pollock, Kline and Hoffman. He knew them and associated with them at the famed Cedar Tavern.

Pinajian was solely devoted to his work during his lifetime. He never exhibited and rarely, if ever, sold his work. In fact, he asked that his work be destroyed after his death but, fortunately, his estate did not carry out the request.

He painted in three styles: mid-century abstractions, composed during his sojourns in the Woodstock, NY area; lyrical abstracted landscapes of Bellport, Long Island; and erotic nudes which are only now being curated and conserved.

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Arthur PInajian
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