An Important Pair of Pier Glasses in the Chinese Chippendale


In carved giltwood, the oval yet asymmetrical frames of ornate rococo form with foliates, ‘C’ scrolls, flanked by Ho Ho birds, with, atop, in a pavilion, a Chinese courtier at her toilet: Surmounted by fronds, with pendant bells. The design is drawn from Plate CLXXIV in Thomas Chippendale’s ‘The Gentleman and Cabinet- Maker’s Director of 1754

English, Circa 1860

The legacy of Thomas Chippendale is twofold; firstly, in the actual wonderful pieces produced in his workshops in St. Martins Lane London, and secondarily, his quaintly titled ‘Director’, first published in 1754 which gave a pattern book of his original designs, drawn from the Gothick, Rococo, French and Chinoiserie traditions: a pattern book acclaimed during his lifetime, which simplified for the London and provincial cabinet makers his complex vision, and made these ‘bon ton’ designs accessible to all.; as his preface comments ‘calculated to improve and refine the present taste, and suited to the fancy and circumstances of persons in all degrees of life’. His ability to synthesise and adapt designs; his ability to fluidly move between the rococo and the Neo Classic, without missing a beat place him firmly as the greatest of the great triumvirate of English cabinet makers.

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