An Embriachi workshop ivory and marquetry casket



Trapezoid rectangular hinged lid, inlaid with panels with star motifs.

The Embriachi workshop was a north Italian family of entrepreneurs and carvers. The precise location of the workshop is unknown, except that it originated in Florence and in ca. 1431 there was apparently a workshop in Venice, in the area of S Luca.
They employed local workers specialising in ‘certosina’ (inlay of stained woods, bone and horn), and the workshop produced items carved in bone (usually horse or ox) with wood and bone marquetry.
As well as altarpieces, the workshop also made caskets as bridal gifts to hold jewels or documents

Venice 15th Century,
Lit.: D. Gaborit-Chopin, Ivoires medievaux, Ve-Xve siecle, Musee du Louvre Paris 2003 p 553-554, nr 261-262

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Embriachi workshop, Venice
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