A fine French cut crystal and ormolu mounted desk box, likely by Baccarat, circa 1890


AFrench Cut Crystal and Ormolu Mounted Circular Desk Box with a hinged lid, probably by the Baccarat Glassworks, circa 1890

The box is beautifully cut and made of heavy lead crystal which has aged nicely. Though the piece is not marked, the quality is such that is was clearly made by a superior French glassworks manufacturer. Baccarat is a town located near Lorraine, France, and it was there that King Louis XV granted his approval for a glassworks foundry in 1764. Baccarat crystal is seldom marked, but is generally recognized by its uniformity, perfection, and superior excellence, both in material and workmanship.

CONDITION: Flawless, with no chips or cracks whatsoever. The covers snaps true and with precision.


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