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bG Gallery - Allois, Las Meninas 6
bG Gallery - Allois, Adoption 1
bG Gallery - Allois, Adoption 2
bG Gallery - Oedipus Mountain
bG Gallery - Courtney Reid
bG Gallery - Susie Loucks
bG Gallery - Jim Holyoak
bG Gallery - Jack Reilly
bG Gallery - Calethia DeConto
bG Gallery - Ryan Schude
bG Gallery - Dan Busta
Items Total:  11      
bG Gallery
bG Gallery
1431 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Bleicher/Golightly Gallery specializes in investible works by artists that have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies, including expressive-conceptual, insider-outsider, high-low and figurative-abstract.


Gallery hours are 1-6pm Sunday-Wednesday, 1-9:30pm Friday- Saturday, or by appointment.


Parking is usually plentiful at the Santa Monica Place public parking on 4th and Santa Monica Blvd.  Complimentary valet parking is also now available under the gallery by appointment.  Just phone 30 minutes before you come to reserve a spot.

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