Rehs Co., Inc.
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Rehs Co., Inc. - Diamond Shield and Kite Earrings
Rehs Co., Inc. - 10.01 F SI1 Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
Rehs Co., Inc. - 13.01cts Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond
Rehs Co., Inc. - 10.06cts D IF Pair of Pear Shape Diamonds
Rehs Co., Inc. - 25.88cts Diamond Bangle
Rehs Co., Inc. - 8.86cts  Diamond Engagement Ring
Items Total:  6      
Rehs Co., Inc.
Rehs Co., Inc.
579 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017
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Manufacturers of the world's finest diamonds and diamond jewelry, with diamond cutting facilities located in the heart of the New York's Diamond Market. We produce both white and fancy color diamonds of all shapes and size. Our cutters and jewelers are some of the finest craftsman in the industry. We hope to foster strong relationships with our customers and to continue to serve them with integrity
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