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B + G Fine Art - DALI, Salvador (1904-1989)<BR>Le Cavalier Et Le Cerf (The Rider And The Deer)
B + G Fine Art - DALI, Salvador (1904-1989)<BR>L’Unicorne Laser Désintégre Les Cornes De Rhinoceros Cosmique (The Laser Unicorn Disintegrates The Horns Of The Cosmic Rhinoceros)
B + G Fine Art - DALI, Salvador (1904-1989)<BR>Girafe Saturnienne (Saturnian Giraffe)
B + G Fine Art - DALI, Salvador (1904-1989)<BR>Le Legacy (Historia De Don Quichotte De La Mancha)
B + G Fine Art - DALI, Salvador (1904-1989)<BR>Don Quixote (The Dreamer) (Historia De Don Quichotte De La Mancha)
B + G Fine Art - DALI, Salvador (1904-1989)<BR>Untitled
B + G Fine Art - WARHOL, Andy (1928-1987)<BR>Saint Apollonia
B + G Fine Art - MIRO, Joan (1893-1983)<BR>Lady Playing Checkers (La Dame Au Damier)
B + G Fine Art - CHAGALL, Marc (1887-1985)<BR>Autoportrait
B + G Fine Art - CHAGALL, Marc (1887-1985)<BR>Job Désespéré (Job In Despair)
B + G Fine Art - CHAGALL, Marc (1887-1985)<BR>Le Repos (The Rest)
B + G Fine Art - STELLA, Frank (b. 1936)<BR>Sinjerli Variation IIa
B + G Fine Art - STELLA, Frank (b. 1936)<BR>Roncador
B + G Fine Art - ROSENQUIST, James (b. 1933)<BR>Drawing #9 For Time Colors Time
B + G Fine Art - PETTIBONE, Richard (b. 1938)<BR>Untitled (Appropriation Print)
B + G Fine Art - PETTIBONE, Richard (b. 1938)<BR>Frank Stella, Valparaiso Green (Sketch), 1963)
B + G Fine Art - PETTIBONE, Richard (b. 1938)<BR>Andy Warhol, Tomato Soup, 1962
B + G Fine Art - PAIK, Nam June (1932-2006)<BR>Kim Chee and Sauerkraut
B + G Fine Art - OLDENBURG, Claes (b. 1929)<BR>Drill Bit In Pieces Of The Statue Of Eros, London, 1966
B + G Fine Art - OLDENBURG, Claes (b. 1929)<BR>Pizza/Palette
B + G Fine Art - NEVELSON, Louise (1899-1988)<BR>I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
B + G Fine Art - NESBITT, Lowell (1933-1993)<BR>Dahlia (US Postal Service Stamp Art)
B + G Fine Art - MAGRITTE, Rene (1898-1967)<BR>L’Oreille Cloche (La Leçon de Musique) (The Music Lesson)
B + G Fine Art - MACDONALD-WRIGHT, Stanton (1890-1973)<BR>Study For “American Synchromy No. 2”
B + G Fine Art - LONGO, Robert (b. 1953)<BR>Strong In Love (White)
B + G Fine Art - LICHTENSTEIN, Roy (1923-1997)<BR>Still Life With Crystal Bowl
B + G Fine Art - LIBERMAN, Alexander (1912-1999)<BR>Fire
B + G Fine Art - KELLY, Ellsworth (b. 1923)<BR>Untitled
B + G Fine Art - KELLY, Ellsworth (b. 1923)<BR>Blue/Yellow/Red (Untitled)
B + G Fine Art - KATZ, Alex (b. 1927)<BR>Night: William Dumas Dance IV
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B + G Fine Art
B + G Fine Art
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Art is both a vocation and an avocation to us here at B + G Fine Art. We believe, in addition to art collecting being both interesting and a great way to invest, that it should be fun too!<P>

Whether you are an experienced collector or just interested in getting started you will find that we are approachable and able to relate to our clients at all levels of interest and experience. We want you to have as much fun with art as we do and we will do almost anything to make sure you do.<P>

Established in 1995, the Gallery features only original artwork in all media by some of the world's finest artists; from canvases by Pissarro and Warhol to works on paper by Dali and Miró.<P

Because of our ever expanding inventory the Gallery can provide either the individual interested in decorating with style, or the most discriminating collector, with a vast array of choices. We specialize in authentication of works by world class artists and are well known for our museum grade framing. We won't sell you an original Picasso with an acid-based paper mat or a cheap plastic or metal frame.<P>

We have constantly expanded our size and yet maintained a select group of local and international clients. Almost half of the gallery's business is out of state, and 30 percent of that is international.<P>

Many clients make use of our innovative, 10-month, interest-free, layaway plan which works for all levels of buyers; from those purchasing a $500 Dali to original Warhols valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.<P>

We were one of the very first Art Galleries on the Web. The Gallery has been online since 1995. While our 'cyber-presence' is important to us, we are proud to be more than just a web address. We are also a large, spacious and well-lit gallery, physically located in University Mall -- just a few miles away from the University of North Carolina and the Research Triangle Park.<P>

Each member of our staff has an intense interest in fine art and each is a collector and an expert in their own areas of interest.<P>

So whether it be here on the web or in our comfortable and inviting gallery, please pay us a visit. <B>Because 'Art is more than just a business to us -- it's our life. Let us help you bring some art into yours.</B>

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