Anita  Taub
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Anita  Taub - Three Diamond 14K Man's or Woman's Band Ring Vintage
Anita  Taub - Lenci Woman Birds, Deer Deco Period
Anita  Taub - Lenci Bust of Blonde Woman Deco Period
Anita  Taub - Lenci Deco Nude Figurine Purple Cactus Torino
Anita  Taub - Lalique Turtle Amber Clear Glass
Anita  Taub - Man's 18K Gold Diamond Ring Vintage
Anita  Taub - Tiffany 14K Cufflinks Two Sided Oval Vintage
Anita  Taub - Diamond Bee Pin, 18K White Gold
Anita  Taub - Twist Bracelet Men's or Women's 18K
Anita  Taub - Clip Earrings Invisibly Set Rubies, Diamonds, 18K
Anita  Taub - Tiffany Bracelet Pink Sapphires 18K
Anita  Taub - Breitling Man's Watch Airwolf Professional Chronograph A78363
Anita  Taub - Franck Muller Crazy Hours Color Dreams Watch
Anita  Taub - Butterfly Pin Brooch, Rubies Diamonds 18K
Anita  Taub - Snake Ring Cognac Diamonds, Sapphires 18K
Anita  Taub - Diamond Earrings Squares 14K
Anita  Taub - Yellow Diamond Flower Earrings 18K
Anita  Taub - Dangling Earrings, Garnets Pearls Sapphires 14K
Anita  Taub - Diamond Enamel Crescent Brooch, 18K
Anita  Taub - Jade & Carnelian Fish Pin, 18K Vintage
Anita  Taub - Diamond X Clip Earrings, 18K
Anita  Taub - Gucci Bracelet, 18K Diamonds, Vintage
Anita  Taub - Horseshoe Bracelet, 14K Yellow Gold
Anita  Taub - Cabochon Ruby, Diamond Bracelet 18K
Anita  Taub - Diamond Dragonfly Pin, 18K
Anita  Taub - Diamond Ladybug Pin, 18K Colored Diamonds
Anita  Taub - Necklace Diamonds 18K Woven Vintage
Anita  Taub - David Yurman Cuff Bracelet 14K Sterling Silver Cables
Anita  Taub - Cuff Links Onyx 14K
Anita  Taub - Cuff Links Amethyst 18K
Items Total:  76      
Anita  Taub
Anita Taub
New York, NY .
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