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Albion Antiques - Tiffany & Co., New York
Tiffany & Co., New York
  Reference #: STE1085915354
  Category: Silver
  Country: USA
  Year: 1906
  Price: $9,250.00
  Condition: Very Good
  Additional Condition Info: Monogram believed to be that of Adlai Stevenson.
  Metal Type: Silver
  Title: Sterling coffee & chocolate pots, Chrysanthemum pattern, Tiffany & Co., New York
  Dealer: Albion Antiques
600 Autumn Lane
Marietta, GA 30068
Phone: 7703313536
A matching set of sterling coffee pot (5960)and Chocolate pot (6177), Chrysanthemum pattern, Tiffany & Co., dated 1906.
Both the pots are in very good estate condition.
No damage but light usage scratches, commensurate with age.
The chocolate pot also has some light usage dings in the handle.
Both are inscribed with a cipher/crest, pictured, supposedly that of Adlai Stephenson.
In addition the coffee pot is inscribed with the date 1906 under the base.
Decoration is sharp and clear.
Both fully marked, as pictured.
Dimensions: Coffee pot 9.5” tall. Weight 39 Troy oz.
Chocolate pot 8.5” tall Weight 31 Troy oz.
Albion Antiques - Tiffany & Co., New York
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