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Albion Antiques - Anthony Rasch, Philadelphia, PA c.1812-17
Anthony Rasch, Philadelphia, PA c.1812-17
  Reference #: A C1025115352
  Category: Silver
  Country: USA
  Year: 1812-17
  Price: $8,950.00
  Condition: Very Good
  Additional Condition Info: Crack in one teapot handle.
  Metal Type: Silver
  Title: A Coin Silver 4pc tea service, by Anthony Rasch, Philadelphia, PA c.1812-17
  Dealer: Albion Antiques
600 Autumn Lane
Marietta, GA 30068
Phone: 7703313536
A rare 4pc coin silver “hand-raised” tea service by Anthony Rasch, Philadelphia, c. 1812-17.
You may be getting the impression that I am using the word 'rare' too often.
In reality this set is rare, due to its construction.
The body of each piece in the set is raised from one piece of sheet silver.
No soldered joins in the body.
This process takes time and skill.
Rasch was also one of the first silversmiths to use the Sterling Standard.
So, although I have described this set as Coin due to the period, it is most probably of Sterling Standard.
One intriguing aspect of this set is the inscribed date, May 14 1801.
Rasch arrived in Philadelphia, from Germany, in 1804.
Began working for Jean Simon Chaudron in 1807 then formed a partnership with him 1809-12.
Formed another partnership with George Willig, c.1817-9.
After that he moved to New Orleans.
I can only presume the set was a gift for an anniversary of May 14 1801.
That it was made during his solo period 1812-17, most likely.
Or it was made in New Orleans, after 1819.
This is probable as it does display some figural features.
In very good condition. Just one crack, not a break, in one teapot handle.
Contemporary monogram.
Dimensions: Teapot 1 10.8” long 7” to top of finial
Weight: 35 Troy oz.
Teapot 2 11.5” x 7.25”
Weight 37.3 Troy oz.
Sugar 7.4” across handles x 4.75” High.
Weight 24.4 Troy oz.
Creamer 5.75L x 6.4 H
Weight 12 troy oz.
Total weight: 108.7 Troy oz.
Albion Antiques - Anthony Rasch, Philadelphia, PA c.1812-17
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